Flying to India: In-Flight Entertainment

This second installment in our series about flying to Hyderabad explores the intricacies of in-flight entertainment—the first part is here.  We’ll look at flying on old, cranky aircraft with old cranky crew, discuss diet and alcohol consumption, and even delve into the mysteries of sleep preparation.  We’ll learn a bit about ourselves and maybe even gain a better understanding of what it means to be an entitled traveler aboard a 20 year old India-bound air-train.

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Flying to India: Boarding

Living in India presents more opportunities than challenges, but traveling by air within, to, or from India reverses the opportunity-challenge dynamic.  Indian’s on the ground may be hospitable, friendly, and engaging, but many Indian’s who travel by air are rude, entitled, and inconsiderate.  Witnessing the Indian-flyer dynamic is both entertaining and a divine test of patience even Penelope would struggle to pass.

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Hyderabad: The Best City on Earth

Hyderabad is the best city on Earth.  Stop laughing.  I’m serious.  No, it didn’t start out as the best city on Earth.  What city does?  But don’t let its shortage of decent beer and wine, abundance of garbage, and sickly looking farm animals fool you.  Hyderabad is the best city on Earth, and I am certain that after reading this article, you will agree quicker than Gloria Gaynor’s previously sin-filled, post disco-era conversion to Christianity.

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Where is the India Pale Ale (IPA)?

The India Pale Ale, or IPA, is as elusive as a Bengal tiger, as flavorful as chana masala, and sought after by virtually every Western expat—as well as some Indian’s.  It is a beer without equal and without boundaries.  It is the thirst quenching, dry-mouthed, aromatically hoppy king of craft beers, and there isn’t a decent one on all of the Indian subcontinent—save what I and a few other expats bring with us when we return from a trip.

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