7 Ways to Boost Creativity

A mediocre, only nominally creative American once said, “Creativity is the essence of artistry; without it there is no life.”  But sometimes it’s difficult to find the ‘X’ of inspiration on the imagination map, especially after a day in meetings having your soul sucked from your body like a hungry aardvark on a termite hill; those hours of buzzwords and boring rhetoric tend to stifle the creative broth boiling in the pot of life.  But we cannot give up the fight to keep the creative juices flowing.

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7 Phrases Misapplied at Work

Important people said important things and we should take heed.  But sometimes the original intention is lost through years of misinterpretation.  Profound words by the world’s great—and sometimes not great—thinkers end up as misguided, partial-truisms, with little applicability to modern life.  Here are seven quotes to help you through the work week as they were meant to be interpreted.

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