Robert Richey Is Dead

It was disconcerting to read of my recent death in the NewsTribune—”Serving readers of the Illinois Valley.”  The online periodical, obviously committed to brevity in a world of gratuitous loquaciousness, ingloriously reported that I “died the morning of December 31, 2016.”  The revelation of my passing, er, death, got me thinking, which is a testament to the NewsTribune’s other commitment to thought-provoking reparte’.

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Grief: 5 Stages of Moving to India

The five stage phenomenon is not limited to grief.  Expats the world over experience a variety of intense, sometimes suffocating, occasionally debilitating emotions on their journey from denial to acceptance.  Understanding those emotional stages is an important step toward a healthy, humorous expat experience.

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Freediving: Plunging to Enlightenment

Is freediving a sport or a hobby?  Does the science enlighten or frighten?  Where does freediving end and insanity begin?  Freediving has as many detractors as promoters and strong arguments on both sides of the breath-holding argument.  But to paraphrase Buddha Nietzsche: That which does not kill us, may help us attain enlightenment.

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Bangkok: Race to the Gate

In 2004 we raced through one of the busiest airports in the world between domestic and international departures in order to make a flight to Costa Rica.  We sat squarely in the middle of the arriving aircraft, waited impatiently to deplane, donned our backpacks, and ran at a full sprint.  Twelve years later we raced through another airport, only this time we were with our son and daughter-in-law (DiL) in southeast Asia.

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