Artists Everywhere: Accept Defeat

Artists try so very hard to be recognized for their work.  Despite years of effort, they continue to struggle in a world that values bridges, profitability, and quality medical care over an abstract painting of my sister that looks like I accidentally spilled black tar on a pile of hay.  Perhaps it’s time to follow these three simple rules, accept defeat, and leave the world with fewer artists.

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Expat Journeys: Six months in Asia

Six months ago we moved to India and embraced an opportunity to learn more about Asia and her people.  They are as unique as any we’ve met in the West, and yet we share many of the same values: honor, patriotism, pride, and family.  In this short photo essay we’ll take a look at eight different locations visited during the last six months.

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Expat Spouse: A day in the life, Part II

Recall during Part I, we left our exceptionally sexy, unpaid, title-less, expat spouse ready to begin lunch, a sore ars serving as a reminder of his prolonged stationary status.  Let’s take a look at the rest of the day—by the end, everyone should be getting a little sleepy.

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Expat Spouse: A day in the life, Part I.

The lives of the spouses not employed while in-country can be varied.  Some people attend to their children, teach classes, volunteer at local schools or with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), play Playstation, try goat farming, or some combination thereof.  There are typical days with plans and shopping, hectic weeks where nothing seems to work, and surreal moments wondering what India will bring next.  Some people want schedules—me included—while others are more flexible.  Since each person and personality is different, it only makes sense each person’s day is a bit different.

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