Trump and Introspection

Newish President Trump has got me considering the idea of introspection—the examination or observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes.  Despite the never ending parade of self-help gurus all touting it’s benefits, surprisingly few people are introspective.  Those opposed to self-examination still rise through the ranks, lead people, and even become President of the United States, yet remain ignorant of their shortcomings.  Rather than toil in self-awareness, they plow through life pushing aside others with blissful disregard.  But what if they’re right?  What if we don’t need introspection?

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Where is the India Pale Ale (IPA)?

The India Pale Ale, or IPA, is as elusive as a Bengal tiger, as flavorful as chana masala, and sought after by virtually every Western expat—as well as some Indian’s.  It is a beer without equal and without boundaries.  It is the thirst quenching, dry-mouthed, aromatically hoppy king of craft beers, and there isn’t a decent one on all of the Indian subcontinent—save what I and a few other expats bring with us when we return from a trip.

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Freediving: Plunging to Enlightenment

Is freediving a sport or a hobby?  Does the science enlighten or frighten?  Where does freediving end and insanity begin?  Freediving has as many detractors as promoters and strong arguments on both sides of the breath-holding argument.  But to paraphrase Buddha Nietzsche: That which does not kill us, may help us attain enlightenment.

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