Identity Theft: A Wetbook Pro and Apple Security

When it comes to cyber security, people are the weakest link.  Several years ago I served on a team which designed and launched a cyber security field training exercise (FTX) for an organization with 1,100 employees.  The organization developed several online courses to help employees identify spam, malware, and potentially malicious files and links embedded or attached to emails.  Employees were required to complete the online training during the three months leading up to the exercise.  Finally the day arrived and we launched our attacks.

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Caveat Vendor

This article originally appeared in Good Old Boat magazine, issue 99, November/December 2014.

During the winter, when temperatures were well below zero, we decided to sell our modest 27-foot sailboat in hopes of upgrading to something with a bit more room. I have little respect for boat brokers, whose slick hard-sell attitudes are akin to nautical used-car salesmen. Although there may be exceptions out there, I have yet to meet any of the good ones. So off we went on our own . . . and boy did we receive a lot of interest.

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