Robert J. Richey developed his personal brand around quintessential American ideals—good triumphs over evil; there are no failures, only opportunities to learn; what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. His natural inclination toward both experiential depth and breadth manifested itself into a thirty-year career built on proven successes as a military non-commissioned officer; engineer and engineering manager; intelligence professional; and published writer.

Robert continues to find new and creative ways to bring to bear talents and skills developed through a lifetime of training, education, and experience. In addition to thousands of hours of cyber and intelligence training, he holds a Bachelors of Science in Industrial Technology, a Masters of Arts in Intelligence Studies, and current and former certifications from Microsoft, SANS, Mandiant, and as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Robert served as an instructor at an Intelligence Community academy, developed curriculum, and has been the keynote speaker at major events. His personal marque includes:

Business Process Improvement Specialist

Manager, Leader, Coach and Mentor

Network and Malware Analyst

Investigator and Researcher

Analyst & Problem Solver

Runner & Mountain Biker

Python & VBA Developer

Ordained Minister

Sailor & Navigator

Writer & Author

Pirate Innovator

Public Speaker


Chief of Staff

Team Player





Robert has been published in Good Old Boat, the Seven Seas Cruising Association, Medium, and Peace Nepal Academy’s annual magazine. To hear from Robert, discuss opportunities, or collaborate, send him an email.