Two Monkeys, One Tale: Published
Screw It.

Two Monkeys, One Tale: Published

Two Monkeys, One Tale is available on Amazon Kindle (HERE) and hard copy (HERE).  You can see a preview of the book HERE.  (The preview doesn’t look exactly like the book.  For some reason the paragraph indents aren’t in the preview, but appear in the e-book and hard copy.  I’m in negotiations with #Amazon—read, begging—to fix the issue.  Ugh, Amazon.)

It’s fitting I hit the submit button on Amazon while we were in the middle of a 50+ mile trek through the Scottish Highlands.  We hiked, rain and rain-less, cutting only eight miles on the third day from our original plan in order to accommodate an overwhelming desire to forgo several more hours amid the downpour—and thereby avoiding a coup by the other two party members.  We ended the hike at a pub, our gear drying by the fire, embracing pints and hot soup like old friends.  The book started as an adventure, it might as well hit print during an adventure. 

The cover photo for this post sums up the writing and publishing process.  I’ve been through every chapter four times, making minor tweaks and major changes along the way.  I’ve incorporated most of the feedback of three beta readers—I can’t thank you all enough—each suggestion resulted in a better book than the one they read.  There was even an extremely critical review by my wife whose supportive, tough love style made me rethink several chapters.  

The book will never be good enough for me.  The original draft was well over 150,000 words.  (Trust me, you don’t want to read 150,000 words.)  Despite all the spell checks and numerous proofreads—by me and others—I’ll not be surprised to find errors.  I’ve rewritten, rephrased, repurposed, and removed a mountain of text, leaving the reader with half as much material but what I hope is a more meaningful experience.  I’m still not sure it’s ready for public consumption.

Inevitably it comes down to moving forward.  A decision must be made—either publish or regret never finishing that first book.  The sign near the beginning of our latest adventure summed it up.  Screw it.

There it is.  

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  1. Anne

    Congratulations! Looking forward to reading your book.

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