Grief: 5 Stages of Moving to India

The five stage phenomenon is not limited to grief.  Expats the world over experience a variety of intense, sometimes suffocating, occasionally debilitating emotions on their journey from denial to acceptance.  Understanding those emotional stages is an important step toward a healthy, humorous expat experience.

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Manchester United: Translating English to English

In honor of our lengthy list of followers from the United Kingdom, I’m making a concerted effort to learn a bit more about football—also known as soccer to us American rebels.  Sometimes the news about UK football teams is confusing.  A good British to American english translator would be a godsend—not just for articles, but during most of the conversations with our UK mates.

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Freediving: Plunging to Enlightenment

Is freediving a sport or a hobby?  Does the science enlighten or frighten?  Where does freediving end and insanity begin?  Freediving has as many detractors as promoters and strong arguments on both sides of the breath-holding argument.  But to paraphrase Buddha Nietzsche: That which does not kill us, may help us attain enlightenment.

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Hollywood: Ideas from Indian Media

Hollywood need look no further than the Indian media for movie ideas.  Indian writing often combines the Indian sense of humor with an English flare for the dramatic—an indication of the lingering British influence, along with driving on the wrong side of the road and drinking tea.  The content often provides awe-inspiring and sometimes morbid prose.

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