Almost Famous

I’m almost famous.  I was wearing a suit for the first time in over nine months.  I shaved this Sunday morning, a day earlier than usual; combed my hair, another rare act; and even applied deodorant.  My wife, our driver, our son, and daughter-in-law (DiL)—the entourage—piled into the car.  We were on our way to my first photo shoot and it’s companions: fame and fortune.

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The King’s Doctor

We watched in awe as the Doctor hung the IV from the ceiling lamp.  In the middle of an 11-day tour of major Indian attractions, a case of Delhi belly complicated by severe dehydration almost proved fatal—we’ll provide a lot more details of the 11-day trip in a couple weeks.  Now we were in a hotel room with our son, daughter-in-law, and one Indian Doctor-cum-philosopher preparing for two hours of rehydration and pharmaceutical restoration.

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Identity Theft: A Wetbook Pro and Apple Security

When it comes to cyber security, people are the weakest link.  Several years ago I served on a team which designed and launched a cyber security field training exercise (FTX) for an organization with 1,100 employees.  The organization developed several online courses to help employees identify spam, malware, and potentially malicious files and links embedded or attached to emails.  Employees were required to complete the online training during the three months leading up to the exercise.  Finally the day arrived and we launched our attacks.

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The Sponsor Effect: Dumbing down leadership.

Sponsors are the latest buzz in the business world.  A study found—wait for it, because this is going to totally blow your mind—having someone in a position of authority and influence on your side to advocate on your behalf helps ensure promotions and potentially your entrance into the “c-suite.”  Is the sponsor effect a new, untapped, overlooked concept?  Or is it simply the dumbing down of leadership?

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