8 Must-See Stops in San Francisco
Stops along a tour of unique San Francisco beverage joints.

8 Must-See Stops in San Francisco

A recent trip to San Francisco to see our son and daughter-in-law was also an opportunity to bike, walk, eat, and drink our way through the City by the Bay.  Staying at a friend’s place in the East Bay also allowed us to try out the ferry and BART, both convenient and economical ways to reach The City whether traveling on two feet or two wheels.

During one of our adventures we mapped places with unique drink offerings and set off on foot to discover a few of the city’s tastier adult beverages.  Unsurprisingly, San Francisco is home to hundreds or perhaps even thousands of great eating and drinking establishments.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to visit them all—much to the joy of our livers.

To see an infographic of one of our day trips through just a few of San Francisco’s unique spots, click this link or the image below.  Remember, this is my first attempt at infographic design, so be kind with your always helpful comments.

A walking tour of cool San Francisco establishments.
A walking tour of cool San Francisco establishments.

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