Indian Women: Careers and family support

Women face many challenges when it comes to balancing children, family, and career; those challenges are particularly cumbersome for Indian women.  People accept that men have careers; however, many Indian women are expected to give up their jobs when they marry, or at least when they have children.  Societal pressure combines with familial disapproval to form seemingly insurmountable barriers to Indian women having both a career and a family.  But with a little creativity, there are ways to make both work.

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Top 5 Apps to Make Work Less Like Work

Despite our more successful colleague’s insistance, productivity, especially at work, is highly overrated.  Everyone is focused on ways to improve quality, output and value while maintaining work-life balance.  We are in a new age; the age of me, where recognition and rapid personal satisfaction trumps loyalty to peers, bosses, and the organization.  In order to stand out, we must rapidly identify our greatest allies and leverage them in the fight for difference.  The application, affectionately termed ‘app,’ is just such an ally.

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8 Must-See Stops in San Francisco

A recent trip to San Francisco to see our son and daughter-in-law was also an opportunity to bike, walk, eat, and drink our way through the City by the Bay.  Staying at a friend’s place in the East Bay also allowed us to try out the ferry and BART, both convenient and economical ways to reach The City whether traveling on two feet or two wheels.

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Sax on the Beach

It was on Boracay in December 2015 that we found our first sax on the beach.  We travelled from our home in India to see my wife’s sister in the Philippines.  Our goal was to replace crowded, noisy, dusty Hyderabad with sand, San Miguel, and the soothing sound of the ocean.

We witnessed the sax on our third day.

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