Two Monkeys, One Tale: Published

Two Monkeys, One Tale is available on Amazon Kindle (HERE) and hard copy (HERE).  You can see a preview of the book HERE.  (The preview doesn’t look exactly like the book.  For some reason the paragraph indents aren’t in the preview, but appear in the e-book and hard copy.  I’m in negotiations with #Amazon—read, begging—to fix the issue.  Ugh, Amazon.)

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Sons: A Short Story

A mild November morning found me on a dirt road just outside of Redding, California preparing for a most special occasion—the wedding of our son and future daughter in law.  In preparation for the festive event and while waiting on my wife to arrive, I bunked at the happy couple’s house, a rural one-bedroom loft located at the end of a winding, dirt road.  It was a few days before the wedding when we took our first morning walk.  

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Should I Write About Tampons?

Jason stared helplessly over the hood of a leased Toyota Innova wondering where to find tampons in India.  This was a topic with which he was thoroughly unfamiliar.  He knew what tampons were—25 years of marriage has that effect—but was mostly sheltered from having to consider them.  As his driver barreled through midday Hyderabad traffic, Jason carefully considered his options.  

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He crouched behind a barricade in a war-torn, pre-dawn courtyard in Hell’s Kitchen while four heavily armed men in black tactical gear patrolled the apartment complex.  The wind whistled, blowing a thick snowfall and causing his eyes to water—a near white out reduced his night visibility to a few feet.  The brutal cold snuck like a thief into every crack in his clothing, stealing the warmth from beneath his parka.  He waited patiently, silently, his pounding heart drowning out the nearing voices.  There was going to be a firefight.  

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